Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cha Cha Pan Mee, Dataran Prima Petaling Jaya

Had to visit a supplier in Dataran Prima around lunch time one me, Carmen & EngHao decided to have lunch around the area as well. Carmen suggested this place, which, gives a very nice and modern first impression.

Corner lot facing way you can miss it

Now i dont know about you but to me, pan mee is like the only food which KL can claim to be its own. And its actually one of my fav noodle dishes too!!! Loving Carmen to bits for bringing us here as i hopped happily into the restaurant.

The restaurant was packed full of the usual office lunch crowd. We were very lucky to get a seat just next to the beverage area. Nice setting and the lunch crowd actually gives us a very good impression of the place.

Nice setting inside....pack full of working crowd

I ordered the dry pan mee, Carmen got the cha cha pan mee soup whilst EngHao decided to have the curry pan mee. Those would, i supposed, be the chef's recommendation here. Interesting enough theres a small stall in the middle of the place which sells nasi lemak & lo bak. Decided to have some while waiting for our noodles.

very nice lobak

The lobak is what you usually get from hawker stalls. Except over here, they serve curry sauce besides the normal chilis sauce, which adds a very unique touch to this somewhat common dish. And theres this particular lobak which has eggs in them (refer to picture above) definitely very nice!!! Definitely a good idea for the restaurant to serve some appetizers as our noodles took some time to arrive.

Carmen's cha cha pan mee soup was the first one to arrive. For those of you who are not familiar with cha cha pan mee, its actually made from the same dough except instead of putting them through a manually operated machine turning them into long strains of flat noodles, they were "pinch" into little flat pieces using the hand. The little pieces of pan mee were light and thin, and the soup is very flavorful indeed. Every bit the perfect bowl of cha cha pan mee should be with the usual veg, anchovies & eggs.

carmen's cha cha pan mee soup

EngHao's curry pan mee looks...and smells very good indeed. It even comes with a small bowl of clear nice! packed full of chicken pieces, bean sprouts, fuu chuk 腐竹 and even....lala! thats a first!

enghao's curry pan mee

My dry pan mee was the last to arrive. As usual, its the flat noodles soaked in a bed of dark sauce and a piece of poached egg on top. Overloading the pan mee with dried chilies is what make this simple dish oh sooooo good...and overload i did!

dry pan mee overloaded with dried chillies

I have to say...the chilies provided are very very nice indeed. Smells wonderful yet not overpowering, this is really one of the best ones i've tried so far. And guess what...they have pork lard mixed into the pan mee as well! ooooooooo juicy juicy pork lard.....hmmmmm...

pork lard pork lard me luv u

carmen, enghao, & doggyjames busy eating

What can i say?absolutely delicious! the smooth dark sauced mixed with dried chilies...fragrant pork lard mixed into chewy strings of wonderful pan mee...and the chili sauce just makes everything together it!

my way of eating the dried chillies & chili sauce

Interesting information: Carmen suggest mixing the dried & wet chilies together...well...not really my cuppa tea but you can try it for yourself!

carmen's hybrid dried chillies & chili sauce mix

el classico cock bowl

Ahhh...very good lunch indeed...sometimes i am glad i am in marketing :D

Total of the meal is RM31. Quite economical considering the amount of food we had and the environment.

emptied everything

Heres a map of the place for you readers. If you are coming from Sunway via LDP, turn left into the junction after you see St Ignatius Church on your left. drive straight till you reach metro prima & a condo on your right. The restaurant is just after them on your right.

Doggyjames says...serves very very good pan mee in a very comfortable environment...quite a bit of flies in there though.

Cha Cha Pan Mee Original
No. K-G-1
Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya

Opening Hours:
Everyday 8am - 9pm
Closed every 2 weeks on Wednesdays


  1. Wah more updates... amazing.. Let's see how long this run will go on!

  2. forever n ever...this is abt my love for food man!!!

  3. pan mee..

    photo tells me the food is surely delicious!

  4. trust me richard...the photos did no justice to the tastiness of the pan mee...

  5. Update your blog la lazy bugger....


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